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A podcasts that strives to share the gospel to the listeners of all walks of life.

Hosted ByBrandon M. Queen

On The E. A. R., we talk about the gospel and where we focus on God! Our goal is to tackle some of the hard questions or situations that arise in our faith or the secular questions that challenge us. We are Evangelical and Reformed! Our episodes are based on reformed theology from an evangelical view.

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The Word Proclaimed: The Incomprehensibility of God

Synopsis: We tend to want to control every aspect of our lives, and we tend to “remove” God from His post, so to speak. We need not forget that...

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The Word Proclaimed: Common Grace

Synopsis: There are times that we are not ourselves. However, we see God as perfect and unchanging. God’s common grace to the order of the world permeates the universe....

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The Word Proclaimed: God’s Aseity

Synopsis: We exhibit a life of luxury, yet we did not build that life. We forget that God is the reason we have that luxurious life. We learn in...

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The Word Proclaimed: Amen

Synopsis: Rev. Bill Crawford of First Presbyterian Church of Thibodaux, Louisiana delivers the first sermon of his series on the theology of God. Rev. Crawford starts the series on...

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Faith Series Recap with the P.A.L.S.

Synopsis: During this episode, three friends of three different denominations all get together for a discussion on all the episodes within the Faith Series. They discuss their take on...

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