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Explaining reformed theology in an understandable way to beginners.

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The Reformed Rookie seeks to teach all aspects of Christianity to beginners from a reformed perspective while being amicable to other perspectives.

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Sola Scriptura: Jeremiah Nortier post debate interview

Join me as we examine sola scriptura with Jeremiah Nortier, The Apologetic Dog. Jeremiah Nortier: The Apologetic Dog YouTube Channel Debates: Sola Scriptura: Baptism: Baptism EO:...

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Hermeneutics: Matt 24 Pt. 4

Part 4 of Pastor Jensen using the hermeneutic principles he taught in this series to exegete Matthew chapter 24. This is a great lesson in how to interpret a...

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Nahum 1: 12-14 Cut Off & Affliction


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