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Explaining reformed theology in an understandable way to beginners.

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The Reformed Rookie seeks to teach all aspects of Christianity to beginners from a reformed perspective while being amicable to other perspectives.

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The Cessationist Movie: Les Lanphere Interview

The Cessationist movie is creating quite a stir online. Les Lanphere explains why he made the movie, what the church has taught, and why the gift of tongues has...

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Presuppositionalism Applied to Roman Catholicism

Did you ever wonder how the presuppositional method could be applied to Roman Catholicism? Wait no longer as Eli Ayala of Revealed Apologetics walk sus through the process. Reformed...

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Ten Essentials: 5. Angelology, the Doctrine of Angels

Angelology, the doctrine of Angels is another one of the ten essential doctrines that an elder must be able to teach and defend. There is so much about angels...

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