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Explaining reformed theology in an understandable way to beginners.

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The Reformed Rookie seeks to teach all aspects of Christianity to beginners from a reformed perspective while being amicable to other perspectives.

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1. Introduction to Biblical Counseling

One of the most important, yet neglected discipline in Christianity is the teaching on biblical counseling. All Christians are counselors whether they realize it or not. In this introduction...

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23. 1 John 3:19-23: “Confident Prayer”

In this sermon, Pastor Jensen discusses what prayer should sound like and what we should expect when we pray. Prayer is our most powerful weapon in spiritual warfare. Let’s...

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22. 1 John 1:3:16-18: In Deed and Truth

In this sermon, Pastor Jensen discusses what love is as opposed to what the culture believes it to be. There have been songs, movies, and volumes of books written...

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The Bible in 16 Verses: 9. “The Suffering Servant”

The Bible is 16 Verses is a biblical theology course that will take us from Genesis to Revelation and show us what the unfolding plan of God is for...

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