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Explaining reformed theology in an understandable way to beginners.

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The Reformed Rookie seeks to teach all aspects of Christianity to beginners from a reformed perspective while being amicable to other perspectives.

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Jude 5-7: Remember the Prior Judgments

Remembering the Prior Judgments In these three verses, Jude reminds us what the consequences are for those who deny Jesus as Lord based on what Jesus has already done...

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Jude 3-4: Contender or Pretender

In these two verses, Jude tells us what the saints are entrusted with and what they have to contend for. The saints of God must contend for the faith...

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Thomas Watson: All Things For Good Chapter 1

In the book All Things For Good, Puritan Thomas Watson explains Romans 8:28 and how it it applied to us through God’s attributes. He demonstrates through the scriptures how...

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Jude 1-2: Who Is the Church?

What is the Decree of God?

The decree of God is what underlies all of reality as we see it. Does God decree everything that happens, even both good and evil? Watch as we go...

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