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The Way Radio delves into fringe and sometimes controversial topics, a society in moral free-fall, and humanism in the modern Church. Let's get back to the Gospel!

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The Way Radio provides inspiration from God’s Word. By Breaking Through Recovery, we abolish non-Christian concepts and return to Biblical principles in dealing with sins of addiction and how to live a free and joyful life in Christ. We also delve into societal issues and rampant secular humanism permeating much of the modern Church.

Chad Prigmore is Pastor and President of The Way R122 Ministry USA & Kenya, a biblically Reformed, non-denominational Christian Church committed to the great commission of making disciples of all nations and reaching out with the gospel of Jesus Christ. He also runs Recovery Reformation with the mission of abolishing non-Christian concepts and returning to biblical principles when it comes to Christians dealing with habitual sins such as alcohol and drug abuse.

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Addiction – Idolatry or Sin?

The Way Radio Podcast Episode 0111 Addiction – Idolatry or Sin? It is common these days for Christians and Christian ministries to refer to addiction as idolatry. But is addiction...

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Responses to the Gospel

The Way Radio Podcast Episode 0110 Responses to the Gospel Sharing the gospel without compromise can obviously lead to winning souls for the kingdom and the edification of the...

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Stolen Worship and Praise

The Way Radio Episode 0109 Stolen Worship and Praise In the much of the modern Church, recovery programs are looked to and relied on rather than looking to Christ...

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Passing Through Babylon

The Way Radio Episode 0108 Passing Through Babylon America now, seems similar to the apostate Church in the 1500s prior to the Protestant Reformation. I believe what we see...

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Comfort in Life and Death

The Way Radio Episode 0107 Comfort in Life and Death As I mentioned in the last episode, I want to begin looking at the Heidelberg Catechism on this podcast...

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