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The Way Radio delves into fringe and sometimes controversial topics, a society in moral free-fall, and humanism in the modern Church. Let's get back to the Gospel!

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The Way Radio provides inspiration from God’s Word. By Breaking Through Recovery, we abolish non-Christian concepts and return to Biblical principles in dealing with sins of addiction and how to live a free and joyful life in Christ. We also delve into societal issues and rampant secular humanism permeating much of the modern Church.

Chad Prigmore is Pastor and President of The Way R122 Ministry USA & Kenya, a biblically Reformed, non-denominational Christian Church committed to the great commission of making disciples of all nations and reaching out with the gospel of Jesus Christ. He also runs Recovery Reformation with the mission of abolishing non-Christian concepts and returning to biblical principles when it comes to Christians dealing with habitual sins such as alcohol and drug abuse.

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The Power of His Word!

The Way Radio Episode 0066 The Power of His Word! So often we think we need to work through the storm, to get to the shore where we think...

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What Is Your Heart’s Meditation?

The Way Radio Episode 0065 What Is Your Heart’s Meditation? – Psalm 19:14 It is becoming very clear that thinking – especially critical thinking is quickly disappearing as more...

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So That You May Believe

The Way Radio Episode 0064 So That You May Believe – John 11:1-16 In an age such as ours, when there is so much apostasy and so little discernment,...

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Let Your Light Shine

The Way Radio Episode 0063 Let Your Light Shine The world is more chaotic because we are in a time in which the world is moving from the denial...

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For God So Loved the World

The Way Radio Episode 0062 For God So Loved the World For we will surely die and are like water spilled on the ground which cannot be gathered up...

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