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TheoBros Podcast is committed to speaking Biblically about the cultural issues of the day, as well as introducing its listeners to godly men and women of the Reformed Faith.

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Joe Morris: Discipline, Coffee, Alpha Males, and Faithfulness in the Military

TheoBros Podcast Episode 37. The man, the myth, the legend, the inimitable, the unparalleled, astounding, brilliant, Joe Morris joins me on the TheoBros Podcast where we love sound theology,...

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Rudy Cerda: The Local Church, His Testimony, and Twitter

TheoBros Podcast Episode 36. Rudy Cerda is a business analyst for a financial services company. He’s a member of Bridgepoint Bible Church in West Houston and is married with...

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TheoBros Replay: Josh Niemi, Author of Expository Parenting and Greater Than Aaron

TheoBros Podcast episode 25. In this episode, I chat with Josh Niemi. Josh Niemi is the founder of Expository Parenting Ministries and the author of the books Expository Parenting and...

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Ryan Carr: The Pacers, Christian Witness in the NBA, the Glories of Reformed Theology and Expository Preaching

TheoBros Podcast Episode 35. Ryan Carr, VP of Player Personnel with the Pacers, joins this humble little podcast to talk Pacers History, Larry Bird, Christian witness in the NBA,...

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Semper Reformanda! Business Decisions, French Shenanigans, God’s Sovereignty, and The Farmer Theologian

TheoBros Podcast Episode 34. The love of money; Dwyane Wade and the exploitation of his son; David French wants amnesty; Challies on God’s Sovereignty; Go check out the Farmer...

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