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TheoBros Podcast is committed to speaking Biblically about the cultural issues of the day, as well as introducing its listeners to godly men and women of the Reformed Faith.

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Eric Dodson: Meat-Smoking Secrets, Vischer, Veggies, and the Value of Children’s Ministry

On this episode of the TheoBros Podcast, I welcome on the “Bearded Wonder,” Eric Dodson. You can find him on Twitter as @EricWayneDodson. We talk meat-smoking, farming, Phil Vischer,...

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Darren Wiebe: Chris Tomlin, Joyce Meyer, the Marks of Biblical Worship, and Hanging with the Gettys

On this episode of the TheoBros podcast, I welcome on the great Darren Wiebe. You can find him on Twitter as @DSWiebe. We talk about spin class, Mark Driscoll,...

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John MacArthur’s Open Letter, ShepCon Tips, a Book Everyone Should Buy, and My Agenda for a Well-Lived Life

TheoBros Podcast episode 29. John MacArthur’s Open Letter to Gavin Newsom, a book I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on, and my agenda for a life well-lived.  Logos...

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Jared Payne: A Pilgrim’s Coffer, the Puritans, and Charles Spurgeon

TheoBros Podcast episode 28. Jared Payne can be found on Twitter as @APilgrimsCoffer. He’s got some amazing t-shirts, coffee mugs, ties, keychains — all kinds of cool swag on...

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Grant Castleberry: Fatherhood, Martyn Lloyd-Jones, and Innocuous Tweets

TheoBros Podcast episode 27. On this episode of the TheoBros Podcast, I talk with Grant Castleberry (@grcastleberry) about his father’s legacy, ministry, and Martyn Lloyd Jones. We also play...

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