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TheoBros Podcast is committed to speaking Biblically about the cultural issues of the day, as well as introducing its listeners to godly men and women of the Reformed Faith.

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Brotherhood and an Orderly Life

Josh Daws

Ep. 10. The Tweet Thread That Started It All, Critical Race Theory, Queer Theory, the Maoist Revolution. You can find Josh Daws on Twitter and read some of his...

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Allen Nelson IV

Allen S. Nelson IV is the pastor of Perryville Second Baptist Church in Perryville, AR, where he lives with his wife Stephanie, and their 5 children. Allen is the...

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Reagan Rose

Ep. 8 Reagan served as the Director of Digital Platforms at Grace to You, the media ministry of John MacArthur. He started Redeeming Productivity Academy, a program that will...

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Chris Hohnholz and Richard Story

Episode 7. Chris and Richard are hosts of the Voice of Reason Radio podcast. We dramatically read a haiku from @NateHaikuicz, discuss our favorite podcasts, and debate Elon Musks...

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