Theology Gals with Coleen Sharp & Rachel Miller ⭐️

What these gals have to say is vitally important for the local church and the Christian Faith.

Hosted ByColeen Sharp & Rachel Miller

Theology Gals is a podcast by women on Reformed Theology. Coleen and Rachel bring a biblical, reformed Christian perspective to the table. They discuss theology, studying God’s word and the importance of applying it to the Christian life.

"Girl, Check Your Theology” | Episode 719

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Practical Law and Gospel

This week we discuss the practical aspects of law and gospel.  Episode Resourses: Theology Gals Law and Gospel Resources Theology Gals Episodes with John Fonville  Resources on the Law/Gospel...

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Addressing Pornography and Addiction with Todd Bordow

This week we discuss pornography and addiction with Pastor Todd Bordow.  Episode Resourses: Glory Cloud Podcast on Pornography Sermon Audio – Todd Bordow Sermons Theology Gals Journals Women can...

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Out of Context Verses Part 2: Promises/Blessings, Works Salvation, Misused & Misapplied

This week we continue our discussion of verses used out of context. We look at verses misused on promises and blessings, works salvation and some misquoted/misapplied passages.  Theology Gals...

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Out of Context Verses: Word of Faith, “Israel as America” and Women in the Church

This week on Theology we talk about verses that are often taken out of context. On this part one of two, we focus on prosperity gospel and word of...

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Umbrella of Protection?

This week we discuss the problems with the Umbrella of Protection. The umbrella was made popular by Bill Gothard and various versions of it are popular.  Episode Resourses: Beyond...

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