Theology Gals with Coleen Sharp & Rachel Miller ⭐️

What these gals have to say is vitally important for the local church and the Christian Faith.

Hosted ByColeen Sharp & Rachel Miller

Theology Gals is a podcast by women on Reformed Theology. Coleen and Rachel bring a biblical, reformed Christian perspective to the table. They discuss theology, studying God's word and the importance of applying it to the Christian life.

Understanding the Law

Theology Gals | Episode 143 This week Coleen and Rachel discuss the division and uses of the law.  Episode Resources: Which Laws Apply? by R.C. Sproul The Place of...

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The Importance of Understanding Law and Gospel

Theology Gals | Episode 142 This week Coleen and Rachel talk about the importance of law and gospel. They also show the emphasis on law and gospel in the...

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Theology Gals Rewind – Discernment: Growing up in Christ

This is a best of episode.  On this week's episode Coleen and Angela discuss discernment. What is discernment and how can we be discerning? They also look at some...

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The Humanity of Christ

This week Coleen and Rachel talk about the nature of Christ.  Women can join Theology Gals Facebook Group Theology Gals-Ladies Theology Discussion and Encouragement Follow Theology Gals: On Facebook...

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Part 2 Federal Vision: A Gospel Issue

This is part 2 of our series on Federal Vision. In this episode we continue our discussion on Federal Vision and respond to typical statements about the topic.  Episode...

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