Theology Gals with Coleen Sharp & Rachel Miller ⭐️

What these gals have to say is vitally important for the local church and the Christian Faith.

Hosted ByColeen Sharp & Rachel Miller

Theology Gals is a podcast by women on Reformed Theology. Coleen and Rachel bring a biblical, reformed Christian perspective to the table. They discuss theology, studying God's word and the importance of applying it to the Christian life.

Theology Gals Rewind – Announcement & Faith and the Internet

Theology Gals | Episode 139 This week we play a previous episode of Theology Gals, Faith and the Internet. Prior to the episode are some announcements.  Theology Gals merch...

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Federal Vision: A Gospel Issue Part 1

Theology Gals | Episode 138 This week Coleen and Rachel discuss Federal Vision. In this part one episode, the ladies focus on the history and doctrines of Federal Vision...

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The Trinity – Eternal Functional Subordination with Glenn Butner

This week, Coleen and Rachel discuss the doctrine of the Trinity and eternal functional subordination with Glenn Butner. Glen has written The Son Who Learned Obedience: A Theological Case...

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Creeds and Confessions

Theology Gals | Episode 136 This week Coleen and Rachel discuss the importance of the creeds and confessions.  Episode Resources: A Call for Theological Triage and Christian Maturity by...

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Pregnancy and Infant Loss, and Infertility

Theology Gals | Episode 135 This week Coleen and Rachel talk about pregnancy and infant loss, and infertility.  This episode deals with sensitive subjects.  Episode Resources: Pregnancy and Infant...

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