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The podcasters of the Christian Podcast Community join together to discuss theological issues in love and charity.

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When we look on social media, we see professing Christians debating theology, but often they are more defensive than loving.  Christians of all people should be able to discuss our theological differences with love and charity. We should be able to discuss our differences, knowing that we must represent Jesus Christ well. The podcasters are an example of how to discuss our theological differences. 
This podcast not only teaches different theological topics but does so display love and charity for one another in our differences. This is a podcast that will teach the listener how to think theologically from different positions but also teach the listener how to be a good ambassador of Jesus Christ. 

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Are Celebrity Pastors Helpful or Harmful?

Theology Throw Down episode 13 Are celebrity pastors helpful or harmful? Unfortunately, it’s a difficult question to answer because there are so many factors. There is an important difference...

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Open Church and James Coates

Theology Throw Down episode 12 The Christian Podcast Community podcasters discuss the importance of opening church for worship and fellowship. Then they talk about what happened to Pastor James...

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Two Kingdom vs One Kingdom

Theology Throw Down episode 11 What are one kingdom and two kingdom views on Christ and Culture? One Kingdom Neo Calvinism<br /> Theonomy Two Kingdom Arguments for and against...

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Common Christian Cliches

Theology Throw Down episode 10 The differ Christian podcasters of the Christian Podcast Community discuss some of the common Christian cliches. They were groups as those not found anywhere...

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Throwing Down on End Times

Theology Throw Down episode 9 The different Christian Podcast Community podcasters discuss their different views of the end times and how it applies to us today. This podcast is...

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