5 Sola Podcast with James Watkins

The 5S Podcast is a reformed theology podcast focused on Christian doctrine and current issues within and outside of the church, and how to deal with those issues from a Biblical worldview to the glory of God.

Hosted ByJames Watkins

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All Episodes

Faith Alone With James D. White

Joining host James Watkins to continue the 5 Solas series is the OTHER James White! Give a listen as the two dive into the fantastic truth of Scripture that...

Grace Alone With Daryl Updike

Back from a brief hiatus, host James Watkins and special guest Daryl Updike launch the 5 Solas series for the month of October! Join James and Daryl as they...

The Exclusivity of the Christian Faith

Caught up moving from Georgia to Ohio, this week for your listening pleasure(or displeasure?) host James Watkins shares a sermon he preached on John 14:1-6 on the exclusivity of...

A Life Altering Change With Shelby Watkins

Joining host James Watkins this week is his wife Shelby. Join the married duo as they make a huge announcement regarding their lives and their ministry!

Your Sanctification

Join host James Watkins this week as he shares his most recent sermon on 1 Thessalonians 4:1-8. The text deals with fleeing from sexual immorality and sanctification and how...

The Heart of the Apostle

Join host James Watkins this week as he shares one of his recent sermons on 1 Thessalonians chapter 3. In the chapter the love that the Apostle Paul has...

The Sting of Addiction with Shelby Watkins

Joining host James Watkins this week is his amazing wife, Shelby. Join us as we discuss our experience with loved ones battling addiction. How do we cope with it?...

Americanized Christianity with Paul Morris

Joining host James Watkins this week is Paul Morris. Join James and Paul as they discuss the cancer that is Americanized Christianity, Furthermore, James and Paul discuss a seminar...