Truth Be Known with Nathaniel Jolly & Ekkie Tepsupornchai ⭐️

This podcast is a theologically driven, gospel-centered program serving the body of Christ by bringing biblical truth boldly, candidly, and unapologetically to bear on various doctrines as well as current issues relevant to Christian life today.

Hosted ByNathaniel Jolly & Ekkie Tepsupornchai

Welcome to the Truthbeknown podcast, where we bring you the objective truth boldly, candidly, and without apology. As a theologically driven, gospel-centered program, we are dedicated to serving the body of Christ by addressing the issues facing the church today with biblical truth.

Join us as we explore topics ranging from theology, apologetics, and Christian living, all while staying rooted in the unchanging and uncompromising Word of God. So whether you’re a seasoned believer or simply seeking answers, we invite you to tune in to the Truthbeknown podcast and discover the timeless truths of the Christian faith.

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Charismatic Chaos to Doctrines of Grace Pt.1

Introducing Cohost Bill Issa.  In this half of the first episode we learn about Bill Issa in Uganda and a little of his journey from Pentecostalism to the Doctrines...

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Trailer for TruthBeKnown Podcast

 Interested in hearing two guys who God brought ought of the Charimastic movement into the reformed faith have to say? Listen to our trailer here that gives just a...

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Nathaniel Jolly

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Truth Be Known

Ekkie Tepsupornchai

Ekkie Tepsupornchai

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Truth Be Known

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