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This Podcast aims to warn of Dangerous Doctrines and provide biblical apologetics to overcome those doctrines.

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Nathaniel Jolly came out of the Charismatic/Pentecostal church to reformed doctrine. Nathaniel, formerly a missionary in Africa, is now serving in Alaska, planting a reformed Baptist church in Homer, AK. This Podcast exists to warn of false teachings within the Charismatic movement, but also to equip the saints, ministering to those in this movement while learning sound biblical doctrine. Having come out of the W.OF. movement, Nathaniel sees the constant danger of false teachers from Africa to the Glaciers of Alaska. This Podcast will bring a unique perspective from a pastor and missionary who came out of the movement by providing inside knowledge of charismatic doctrine and bringing sound biblical teaching to bare on those dangerous doctrines that plague the church today.

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Ep.29 Testimonies of Charismatic Caution

Ep. 29 Testimonies of Charismatic Caution – In this episode, Nathaniel interacts with testimonies of those who have come out of the Charismatic church while applying Scripture to help...

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Ep.28 Lessons the Church Learned in 2020 Pt.2 – Charismatic Cons

Ep. 28 Lessons the Church learned in 2020 Pt. 2 – Charismatic Cons In this episode, Nathaniel Discusses how the year 2020 has exposed the bankruptcy of the Charismatic...

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EP.27 Lessons the Church learned in 2020

Ep. 27 In this episode, Nathaniel discusses one of the significant lessons the church should learn from 2020.

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Ep.26 Comfort amidst the woes of 2020

2020 has been a bizarre and challenging year for many people. In this episode, Nathaniel answers how believers should respond to the chaos by considering the book of Job.

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Ep.25 Christians, Politics, and Biblical Thinking with Tom Buck

Ep. 25 In this episode Nathaniel interviews Dr. Tom Buck on how Christians and Chrisitan leaders should be thinking about life issues, ethics, and morals, especially concerning what groups...

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