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TLP equips dads and moms to be the intentional, premeditated, disciple-making Ambassador Parents God called and created them to be.

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Truth.Love.Parent. isn’t about changing anyone’s kids; it’s about dads and moms being changed by God so their parenting can become a satisfying act of worship to Him.

Because God’s will is our goal, the Bible is our ultimate authority. We approach the topic of parenting from a whole-Bible perspective. If the Bible speaks to it, it can be applied in our parenting.

Our host, AMBrewster, has been serving families in various capacities since 2007. He’s a Biblical family counselor, pastor, and trainer who specializes in discipleship, marriage, at-risk children, and families in crisis.

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Episode 509: TLP 509: A Family United in God, Part 4 | unified

What does it take to have a unified family? Join AMBrewster as he unpacks the call, power, proces...

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Episode 508: TLP 508: A Family United in God, Part 3 | submitted

Have you ever heard of a Life Debt? What does it mean to submit yourself to God? Join AMBrewster ...

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Episode 507: TLP 507: A Family United in God, Part 2 | living

What does it mean to for your family to truly live? Join AMBrewster to learn the consequences of ...

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Episode 506: TLP 506: A Family United in God, Part 1 | redeemed

Has everyone in your family been redeemed? What happens if they’re not? What happens if they are?...

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Episode 505: TLP 505: A Family United in God | introduction

Is your family truly unified in the ways that really matter? Join AMBrewster as he lays out the t...

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