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Chris and Rich explore biblical theology and practical application in a weekly podcast.

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Voice of Reason Radio is a weekly podcast that seeks to edify Christians and encourage them to examine all of life through the lens of Scripture. In a world where truth is considered flexible and dependent on one’s own personal preference, Christians ought to be reminded that it is God’s Word alone that is the only true voice of reason. To that end, we examine current events, everyday experiences, and theological issues with the one goal of glorifying God by leading Christians to His word in all things.

Chris and Rich have spent six years in the podcasting world. They are two lay-Christians who candidly acknowledge they are not learned theologians or scholars. They use their experience as Christians in this world, who submit to the authority of their elders in local churches, to speak to brethren around the world in this platform. Their stated goals have always been to glorify God and edify the saints.

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The MoT/VOR Crossover – The Peril and Pain of Pragmatism in the Church

It is a crossover of epic proportions as Chris Huff and Drew Von Nieda of the Matter of Theology Podcast join Chris and Rich this week! Take part in...

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Has God Really Said?

On this five-year anniversary, Chris and Rich discuss the topic that drives the show. Doctrine matters. Knowing God's Word changes how with think, speak, and act. We cannot simply...

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If You Love Me, Obey My Commandments

In John 14:15, Jesus says, "If you love me, you will keep my commandments." What commandments has Jesus given and why is it so important for Christians to seek...

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Social Justice – An Empty Deceit

This week, Chris and Rich discuss Paul's letter to the Colossians and its application to the "plausible" arguments offered by social justicians today. Such arguments deny the very sufficiency...

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Government Persecution and the Mockery of False Churches

This week, Chris and Rich revisit the recent events of Grace Life Church in Alberta. As the government continues its persecution of Pastor Coates and his congregation, a false...

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