What Are We Even Doing Here? with Daryl & Karen Updike ⭐️

We are a podcast the seeks to answer the question of "what are we even doing here?" from a biblical perspective.

Hosted ByDaryl & Karen Updike

As my wife and I sit in church we sometimes wonder “What Are We Even Doing Here?” Not because we don’t believe, but because we do. It is crazy that years ago we didn’t believe in Jesus. We were a young and struggling married couple with a young daughter. But thanks to God’s sovereignty and His use of a believer, I came to believe in Jesus. About two years later God changed Karen’s heart and she was brought to belief. Now we look back in amazement and see where we are today, knowing we don’t deserve to be here, and ask, “What Are We Even Doing Here?”

I’m sure you all have asked this question for one reason or another. This question is asked both in our personal lives and life in general. “Why are we here? What is our purpose? What is this world?”

During this podcast we hope to explore these questions and more. We will share our story as husband, wife, and parents as God continues to work in our lives. We will seek to answer what we are even doing here from a biblical perspective.

Come along on our adventure and find out “What Are We Even Doing Here?”

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Santa Claus is not coming to town – listener discretion advised

Well… we hate to be the bearer of bad news but…. Here it goes anyway! Be advised if any little ones are around whom you still want to believe...

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Gauging the Christian Walk

This week we discuss the question of how to gauge the Christian walk. Why is this relationship with God different for each believer? Thanks for joining us! God Bless!

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Happy Thanksgiving, What are you thankful for?

This week’s podcast is just a simple chat about what our family is thankful for. We hope you take time to acknowledge everything God has blessed you with in...

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The state of theology today and the American Gospel

This week we discuss briefly the State of Theology survey done by Ligonier Ministries. You can read it here: https://thestateoftheology.com And then we move on the American Gospel documentary...

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Happy Reformation Day… Rome is still wrong!

Since today is Reformation Day, we thought we’d talk about that and dive into a brief background of Martin Luther and how he eventually came to start the PROTEST...

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What Are We Even Doing Here?

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What Are We Even Doing Here?

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