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Digging deep into Scripture and other devotionals, Trevor and Jennifer Horton discuss the nuts and bolts of what really living for Christ looks like.

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As the pastor of Cornerstone Evangelical Free Church in Rochester, MN, Trevor Horton knows that there is nothing that(remove) people need more right now than solid biblical teaching. There is no greater weapon we have to combat all the noise that is out there in the world, than the inerrant Word of God. We need to keep scripture as the ultimate guide for how God wants us to live.  That’s the standard the Lord has set for him as a pastor, but it’s also the standard the Lord has set for him as the shepherd of his family. Unfortunately, in many churches and therefore many homes today, Paul’s warning  against being conformed by this world ( Romans 12:2), has gone unheeded, and scripture is being skewed to fit the culture or ignored altogether.

While Trevor and his wife Jennifer were having their morning devotional time together, they found themselves entering into deep and far reaching conversations based on the scriptures and the other readings from that day. Discussions on things like marriage and family, finances and relationships, life in ministry, doctrines of the faith, and in what ways we as Christians are watering down the Word of God and giving in to a culture that is moving further away from God’s standard of holiness at a lightning pace. They realized that these everyday applications from scripture would make for some great podcast episodes, and so they began to record their devotional time in the hopes that their conversations might be helpful, uplifting, and even potentially convicting to those who might listen.

They also wanted to be able to offer alternatives for the plethora of “ear tickling” and theologically questionable devotionals that are so popular today. With so many solid choices for devotional material available, from this generation and generations past, their podcast aims to introduce biblically sound alternatives to the self help, new age and theologically shallow material that has found it’s way into the bookstores, and onto the bookshelves of so many Christian homes. 

On each episode of Where The Heart Is, regardless of your age, background, or how long you’ve been a believer, you’re sure to find something to challenge, uplift you, and most importantly, point you to the truth of Christ in an age when truth has become subjective.

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God Knows Everything

Today Jennifer and Trevor revel in the fact that God knows everything!  Does that thought bring you comfort or fear? Utilizing the devotional “Strength For Today” by John MacArthur...

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The Cure for Anxiety

In this episode Trevor and Jennifer read a section from Oswald Chambers’ “My Utmost for His Highest”. This devotional is centered around Matthew 6:25 and the call to not...

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Election and Will

Husband and wife Trevor and Jennifer Horton read and discuss an entry from John MacArthur’s daily devotional “Drawing Near”. This devotion is based on Ephesians 1:11 and is called...

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