abortion pill

Thankful for Precious Life: Miscarriage Care, Abortion Battles, and Women’s Health

Chelsea and I conclude our series on Thanksgiving by cherishing the value of life. This episode is based on a presentation we gave at our church a few years ago. First, we briefly mention our miscarriage. Then, we explain the political push for the abortion pill and how the regimen works. Next, we discuss the…

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The Abortion Pill Pandemic and Chalking it Up to Planned Parenthood

My wife Chelsea and I finish our two-part series on the abortion pill regimen (mifepristone and misoprostol). We trace the history of the abortion pill from when it was first approved by the FDA to the current push to distribute it to the masses by mail. The abortion industry claims the abortion pill is “safer…

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Death by Mail: Answering the Current Politics Behind the Abortion Pill

My wife Chelsea joins me again as I have officially upgraded her title to “co-host.” We take a break from our series on marriage to talk about recent politics behind the abortion pill and the push to make it widely accessible by mail. We answer the following questions about the abortion pill: What is the…

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