The Divided States of America

Our country is more divided now more than ever. Every single day we hear something new that adds to the ever growing list of concerns that we have for our country. Whether it be debates over a flag, masks, protests, or racism, the country is not united. As Christians we must be careful not to…

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Jonathan Edwards: Pardon For The Greatest Sinners

Jonathan Edwards is one of the most famous preachers in American history and he was famous for the Great Awakening and revivals in America. Edwards life was not easy and he had a lot of conflicts with his church. His sermon, “Pardon for the Greatest Sinners,” reminds us that God’s forgiveness is for everyone. This…

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Thanksgiving is a Lesson for All of Us

Rapp Report Daily 454 We have much we can learn from that first Thanksgiving. This country is in desperate need to learn the lesson of Thanksgiving. We all the division we need to learn to thank God and work with others.

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