Answers in Genesis

Episode 138: Let’s Talk About the Shape of the Earth: An Interview with Dr. Danny Faulkner and an ISS Astronaut

In a comprehensive episode of Didache, Justin Peters delves into the contentious debate surrounding the Flat Earth theory. He brings in Dr. Danny Faulkner, a physicist with Answers in Genesis and author of “Falling Flat,” to counter common Flat Earth arguments. They address various claims, including the visibility of distant objects, the Antarctic Treaty, and…

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Traced: Human DNA’s Big Surprise with Nathaniel Jeanson

Apologetics Live episode 144 Andrew interviews Nathaniel Jeanson on his new book Traced: Human DNA’s Big Surprise. Get 10% off the book until July 4, 2022 with the coupon code: TRACED22. Another Ph.D. biologist comes on two challenges him. And wait for the when Andrew asks them both if they can answer the question, “what…

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