Does 1 Peter 3:21 Teach That Water Baptism Justifies?

Welcome to Truthspresso Express! This is where I record an episode on my commute to or from work. In this episode of Truthspresso Express I discuss my understanding of what 1 Peter 3:21 means when it says “baptism also now saves us.” I taught this as part of a Sunday School lesson on 1 Peter…

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Examining Childhood Conversion and Biblical Salvation with Justin Peters

Apologetics Live Episode 112 Join us as pastor Justin talks with Justin Peters about his book “Do Not Hinder Them.” “A startlingly high percentage of children who are raised in evangelical, Bible affirming churches and who make professions of personal faith in Jesus Christ at early ages show little to no evidence of genuine conversion…

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Debate: Infant Baptism is Taught in the New Testament

Apologetics Live episode 37 Debate: Infant Baptism is Taught in the New Testament with Ken Cook (Baptist) vs. Evan Friske (Lutheran)   Previous debate: A Debate: Does Baptism Save?

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