Benny Hinn

Ep.96 The book of Jude is for today Pt.1

Ep.96 The book of Jude is for today Pt.1   In this episode, Ekkie and Nathaniel begin a two-part journey through the book of Jude and discuss its relevance for today.

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Episode 64: Update on Benny Hinn’s Repentance

Benny Hinn made big headlines in the evangelical world a couple of years ago when he supposedly repented of preaching the prosperity gospel. Has he repented? I’ll play some recent clips and we will discuss.  Steven Kozar’s full video (must see): The Messed Up Church Youtube Channel: My previous video on Benny Hinn’s…

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New Apostolic Reformation with Justin Peters

What do Bethel Church (in Redding, California), Todd White and Joel Osteen have in common? All are part of the Word of Faith / New Apostolic Reformation movement and all teach false versions of Christianity. Justin Peters has been exposing the unbiblical nature of this heresy for many years. Some false teachers are trying to cash…

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