Beth Moore

Women’s Ministry with Susan Heck

Rapp Report episode 126 Andrew talks with Susan Heck about the problems and solutions to women’s ministry in the church. Check out Susan’s resources

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Can Al Mohler have his cake and eat it too, Part 1

Rapp Report 106 Andrew and Bud evaluate Al Mohler’s comments on The Briefing podcast from November 11, 2019, about having your cake and eating it to actually applies to him. This is part 1 of a 2 part series, listen to part 2 next week. In this episode,they address how Mohler feels that foreign politicians…

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Red Letter Christianity is Social Justice

Rapp Report Daily 99 Red Letter Christianity is Social Justice Andrew and Bud discussion a new movement in Christianity called Red Letter Christianity (RLC). They will discuss in detail the arguments made by the RLC movement and what the Bible states. You can hear in their own words what RLC believes and seeks to do….

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