biblical discernment

Episode 139: Donald Trump Accepts Comparison to Jesus? Why It’s Kinda Hard To Blame Him.

In a compelling episode of Didach√©, Justin Peters discusses the concerning phenomenon of Donald Trump accepting comparisons to Jesus Christ, sparked by social media interactions and commentary from his supporters. Peters delves into the implications of such comparisons, emphasizing Trump’s non-Christian status based on his own admission of never seeking God’s forgiveness and critiquing the…

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Episode 137: An Apology and Plea to Kanye West

In a heartfelt episode of Didache, Justin Peters addresses Kanye West’s recent statements regarding his faith and self-proclaimed divinity. Kanye’s interview, where he questioned the role of prayer and declared himself the “God of me,” sparked concern and prompted Peters to offer a biblical perspective. Peters critiques Kanye’s misunderstanding of Christianity and misapplication of faith…

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Episode 135: Inigo Montoya – Gamaliel’s Advice

In this episode of the Didache podcast, Justin Peters critically examines the commonly cited advice of Gamaliel from Acts chapter 5 regarding how to discern true from false teachings. Peters challenges the notion that time alone will reveal a teacher’s divine backing, using the advice as a cautionary tale against passivity in the face of…

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