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Ep. 62. The Sweet Little Mouse is Now a Dirty Rat. Christians and Disney.

Remember Disney’s theme song, When You Wish Upon a Star?

Nowadays the words could go like this; “When you wish upon a star makes no difference who you are. Anything your wicked heart desires will come to you.”

Excellent episode about the Christia…

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How to Identify What is the True Religion

Rapp Report episode 225 Andrew was on the Entrusting the Faith podcast discussing different religions.

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Titus 2 Time: Why Doctrine DOES Matter pt.2

Thoroughly Equipped- Episode 24 In this episode we dive into the other side of the coin- false doctrine. Episode Topics: What is false doctrine? What does Scripture have to say about it? What is the result of false doctrine? What does Scripture have to say about false teachers? What are the characteristics of a false…

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Discipleship Matters

How many of you have ever been truly discipled as a believer? Sadly, many people have not been truly discipled and have no clue how to live a Christian life in this sinful world. On this episode, I talk about the need for discipleship and what we can do as believers to being the process…

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