Biblical Worldview

Ep.22 Clash of Worldviews; Biblical vs. Secular

Nathaniel discusses some alarming statistics which uncover a worldview war within the Church today. As a result, these worldview conflicts have severe impacts on the visible church.

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Have you ever stopped and thought whether or not you have courage? In America, the church is slowly losing courage to stand upon God’s word and abandoning the foundation of scripture in order to be accepted by the culture. In this episode, Drew and Chris discuss what scripture says about having courage. They also look…

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Yvette and Aby Answer Your Home Education Questions – Part 2

Yvette Hampton and Aby Rinella are back to answer your homeschooling questions. If you missed the first part of this show you will want to go back and listen to Monday’s episode.
Do you have more questions about home eduction? You can submit your questio…

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