Biblical Worldview

How to Identify What is the True Religion

Rapp Report episode 225 Andrew was on the Entrusting the Faith podcast discussing different religions.

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Ep. 33 What We Know For Sure About Climate Change. The Answer May Surprise You!

In part 2 of this 2 part episode, Rebecca talks with renowned scientist and author, Dr. Jay Wile, about the effects of climate change.
Join in for this very informative episode to find out what we do and don’t know about global warming and whether or no…

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Biblical Resolutions (part 2)

Chelsea and I continue and close our two-part series about New Year’s resolutions from a Biblical perspective. We begin with three weird and unusual New Year’s resolutions that people have made. Then we continue our assessment from the Bible about the kinds of resolutions that Christians should make. We should reflect about how Christianity looks…

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Ep. 30 Rising Above it All; Christians Living Amongst Depravity.

The world seems to have gone mad! How are we as Christians commanded to live amongst those who are incapable of reasoning themselves to the truth?

We were warned in God’s word that these days were coming and here we are! But thankfully, God has provid…

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Ep. 24 Unapologetically Apologetic: Why Christians are Called to be Apologists.

Have you heard the word “apologetics” used in Christian circles yet aren’t sure exactly what apologetics are?
Perhaps you’re familiar with the term but feel that apologetics isn’t for everyone.

In part 2 of this engaging 2 part series, Rebecca Berschw…

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