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Refuting Rainn Wilson’s Book, Soul Boom: Why We Need a Spiritual Revolution.

Welcome to part 1 of the series Refuting the book, Soul Boom: Why We Need a Spiritual Revolution.
In today’s episode Rebecca examines author Rainn Wilson’s take on important societal issues, the breakdowns in society, and the future of humanity an…

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Chapter 3 The Calvary Road. The Way of Fellowship.

In today’s episode (episode 74) Rebecca reads chapter 3 titled, “The Way of Fellowship”, from the life-changing book on revival, by Roy Hession. Visit to view and download the study guide.
For Theology Throwdown episode…

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Ep. 66. The Normalization of Sexual Immorality.” Part 1 of 3

Join Rebecca and special guest co-host, Paige, as they discuss the progression of sexual immorality, the consequences, and future repercussions.

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Ep. 68. The Normalization of Sexual Immorality. Part 3

This episode concludes the 3-part series on the normalization of sexual immorality; how we got to our current state of moral confusion and chaos and where we’re headed as a society, and resources to help parents influence and protect their children. …

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Ep. 65. The Awful Truth About What Really Goes on at Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.

Desecration in the name of holiness. Harassment and abuse for Jewish Pilgrimagers.

Who’s property is it anyway? The truth that the world needs to know.

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