Black Liberation Theology

The Conversation Chronicles: Forgiveness

If you follow Matter of Theology on Facebook, then you are aware that Drew and Chris have been doing a video series called, “The Conversation Chronicles.” The idea centers around applying the Gospel to the conversation of race in our current cultural climate. This is part four in our series discussing the application of forgiveness….

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Black Hebrew Israelites Kill and White Liberals Give Them Cover

Rapp Report 102 Recently in Jersey City, NJ two Black Hebrew Israelites targeted a Kosher grocery store for a place of murder. Andrew addressed this anti-Semitic attack. Many people do not understand what Black Hebrew Israelites (BHI) believe. Andrew provides an overview of what holds this racist group together. Then he provides examples of the…

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Black Theology & Black Power

Apologetics Live 53 Andrew and Matt discuss James Cohen’s book Black Theology & Black Power. They discuss the roots of Black Liberation Theology and Critical Race Theory.

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