Book Review

The Notorious G.O.D. Refuting the Book, Soul Boom. Why We Need a Spiritual Revolution.

In this chapter of the book Soul Boom, Author, Rainn Wilson, presents a negative portrayal of the God of the Old Testament, describing Him as an
anthropomorphized entity who occasionally flies into rages, can be vindictive and violent, and who is

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Refuting the Book. Soul Boom. Why We Need a Spiritual Revolution. By Rainn Wilson. Part 2

We’ve all heard about the miracles of Jesus. But did they really happen? Or are they instead spiritual in meaning only? Episode #89

Time Stamp
00:02:20 Why a spiritual revolution is necessary.
00:05:21 Miracles not significant; proofs only for pr…

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KJV Only and the SBC with Fred Butler of Grace to You

Apologetics Live episode 113 We will discuss Fred Butler’s book against King James Version (KJV) only. Fred works for Grace to You the preaching ministry of John MacArthur. The team will also discuss what happened at the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) last week. Fred will discuss the problems with believing the KJV is the only…

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White Fragility with Chris Hohnholz

Rapp Report episode 145 Andrew and Bud welcome award-winning podcaster, Chris Hohnholz of the Voice of Reason Radio, to discuss his review of the book White Fragility. This book makes a case for destroying the current power structure of American to try to create a utopia. This book assumes that all whites are racists and…

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