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The Bud Zone Podcast – Government, God, And Rochadd #1

This episode of the Bud Zone Podcast features Rochadd Hendrix in a discussion about the Government And God. Rochadd may be followed on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/rochadd.hendrix The clip played in this episode comes from Todd Friel’s video found HERE. The J.C. Ryle book from Banner of Truth can be found HERE.

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The Bud Zone Podcast – A Bible Reading System with Rob Miller

Episode 2 – The Horner Bible Reading Plan with Rob Miller   Link to Daily Wire article on Taliban Going Door To Door: Link to the Horner Bible Reading Plan: https://sohmer.net/media/professor_grant_horners_bible_reading_system.pdf

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Introducing The Bud Zone

Join us each week for this new podcast by Bud Ahlheim – The Bud Zone – discussing theology, current events, discipleship, and a faithful Christian life that employs the mind of Christ.

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