Dr. Ken and Cléa Rathbun

In this episode, I interview Dr. Ken and Cléa Rathbun. The Rathbuns served as missionaries in Jamaica for 14 years. Dr. Rathbun’s Experience Pastor, Hope Bible Church, Columbus Junction, Iowa Baptist Mid-Missions missionary to Jamaica Teacher and Academic Dean, Fairview Baptist Bible College, Westmoreland, Jamaica Present Ministry Vice President for Academic Services and Dean of…

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What do you want me to do?

16:18 Podcast – #5 What do you want me to do? After we give our life to Christ, what’s next? What are we supposed to be doing in this life? How do we live as Christians in a fallen world? Saul’s conversion When Saul the Pharisee was on the road to Damascus, the Resurrected Christ…

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Luke Investigates 10 Callling. (271)

Today’s installment in our ongoing audio drama runs nearly twice as long as usual. Just as Luke is eager to record the story of Jesus, we hope you’re just as eager to hear it. Previously Luke has met friends who have a wealth of knowledge about the early ministry of Jesus. After stocking up on…

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