Cancel Culture

He Is Coming For Our Children

The title of this week’s episode is: He is coming for our children. Who am I talking about, it is Satan. He is the one coming for our children. In 1 Peter 5:8 He is our adversary seeking anyone he can devour. Let’s read that together 1 Peter 5:8 “Be sober-minded, be alert. Your adversary…

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Ep. 30 Rising Above it All; Christians Living Amongst Depravity.

The world seems to have gone mad! How are we as Christians commanded to live amongst those who are incapable of reasoning themselves to the truth?

We were warned in God’s word that these days were coming and here we are! But thankfully, God has provid…

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#31 Cancel Culture – Biblical view

The Stop and Think crew Talk about  Cancel culture and the biblical view. Show Notes 0:00         Opening 1:54         Introduction and what is Culture? 6:40         Biblical examples 9:25         Is Cancel Culture new? 11:17       Is Cancel Culture good? A sign of Progress? 17:05 …

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Response to Black Lives Matter Feedback

Apologetics Live episode 76 Out of the many positive responses we received from BLM, we also received a “negative response” by “J” who was happy to send off “woke” emails to us, offer to “teach us” his position, but declined to come onto the show. Thus, we will address his many unbiblical points.

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