Sharon Devol: Her Story, John MacArthur Trivia, ShepCon Facts, Cancer, and Her Favorite Twitter Accounts

You can find Sharon on Twitter as @SharonDevol. She is a musician, crocheter, cancer survivor, a lover of cats and trains, and she loves the Oregon Ducks. She has a blog at  Squirrelly Joe’s Coffee guarantees that your order will be freshly roasted everytime and taste amazing! TheoBros get 25% percent off their first…

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Episode 67: Dying of Cancer: Reflections From Pastor Bruce Morock

All of us will one day die. But only a few of us have a good idea of when that time will come. Bruce Morock is one of those few. Bruce is a pastor and is dying of cancer. In today’s video, Jim Osman interviews Bruce and asks him about his testimony and how his…

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