Charles Spurgeon

Why Are Christians Hypocrites?

Why Are Christians Hypocrites? If you have engaged the non-believing culture to any extent, you have most likely been met with the phrase, “there are too many hypocrites in the church.” Or, “why are Christians such hypocrites?” Often times this is used as a way to silence us from continuing to speak about God’s Holiness,…

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Charles Spurgeon: What The Church Lacks

Brand NEW PODCAST! (Details below the episode description) Charles Spurgeon, “Prince Of Preachers,” preached during the 1800s in England. In this episode we take a look at his conversion during a snowstorm, in a way that would break pretty much every rule that modern churches observe about guests in church. His sermon, “What The Church…

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Charles Spurgeon: Compel Them To Come In

Charles Spurgeon: Compel Them To Come In   Charles Spurgeon is one of the most famous preachers of all time. Living and preaching in the second half of the 19th century he earned the nickname, “The Prince Of Preachers.” In this episode we ask the question, “Did he earn this title?” This sermon, “Compel Them…

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