Charles Spurgeon

Episode 101: Rick Warren Lies About Charles Spurgeon

Rick Warren, former pastor of Saddleback Church was recently appointed as Chancellor of Spurgeon’s College. This raised not a few eyebrows given that Warren is now fully egalitarian, meaning that he embraces women as preachers and pastors. Warren assures us, though, that his theology and that of Charles Spurgeon are “identical” on this issue. Is…

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Stolen Worship and Praise

The Way Radio Episode 0109 Stolen Worship and Praise In the much of the modern Church, recovery programs are looked to and relied on rather than looking to Christ and relying on Him and the power, authority, and sufficiency of His word. Through this, people are led into worshiping the idol of recovery, and praising…

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Yours Till Heaven with Ray Rhodes Jr

Rapp Report Daily episode 156 Andrew interviews Ray Rhodes Jr. author of the books Susie about Susie Spurgeon and the newest book Yours Till Heaven on the love story of Charles and Susie Spurgeon. They discuss the book. Charles and Susie Spurgeon had a love story that lasted throughout their life. Susie played a very…

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