Christian Faith

Ep. 55. Having a Childlike Faith

In this fun episode, Rebecca discusses the characteristics and necessity of childlike faith in God’s kingdom. 

Also, get ready for a heartwarming glimpse into the hearts and minds of three very special guests! 

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Saving Faith

Abundant Life Episode 35 In this episode Saso and Ben discuss saving faith and why this is foundational to all Christians.

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Ep.20 Nurturing the Soul of Your Grandchild

One of life’s greatest privileges and blessings is to be a grandparent.
As grandparents, it’s a joy to be able to treat our grandchild or grandkids to all sorts of fun things.
But the greatest joy isn’t really about indulging them in material things but…

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How Do We Live Amidst Evil?

The Way Radio Episode 0044 How Do We Live Amidst Evil? The following portion of Psalm 37 seems so applicable for the times in which we live, as America crumbles from the decay of immorality and Godlessness. Of David. Fret not yourself because of evildoers; be not envious of wrongdoers! For they will soon fade…

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