Christian peace

Posting Peace with Douglas Bursch

This week we talk with Douglas Bursch about his book Posting Peace: Why Social Media Divides Us and What We Can Do About It.  Support Theology Gals monthly through Patreon  Support Theology Gals witt a one time donation through PayPal  Theology Gals merch  Theology Gals Journals Episode Resourses: Posting Peace: Why Social Media Divides Us…

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Grace and Peace Radio Ep069 Calm in the Face of Calamity, A Conversation with Pastor Michael Shafran

It’s a powerful truth that even though the world may be engulfed in flames around us, Christians can have calm in the face of calamity. Ironically, many believers are ill-equipped or even ignorant of the ways God provides hope and peace, so they are left feeling fearful or anxious because of the chaos in the…

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