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MSL: March, 27 2023

The Matt Slick Live daily radio show broadcast is produced by The Christian Apologetics Research Ministry ( During the show, Matt answers questions on the air, and offers insight on topics like The Bible, Apologetics, Theology, World Religions, Atheism, and other issues!  The show airs live on the Truth Network, Monday through Friday, 6-7 PM,…

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MSL: March, 01 2023

Welcome to the Matt Slick LIVE Radio show! Live streaming during the broadcast Monday through Friday, 6-7 PM, EST (3-4 PM, PST) The show where you drive the conversation! Ask questions on Bible, Theology, Apologetics, Religions, Atheism, and other issues! Call in during the show Toll-free at (877- 207-CARM) …..that’s 877-207-2276 You can also email…

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Episode 66: My Interview with Nic from Ukraine

Few of us have ever had to endure a war, My guest on today’s program is enduring it right now. Nickolai Leviovsky, Nic for short, was one of my translators when I preached in Ukraine a few years ago. Nic lives in Kyiv and I wanted to interview him to see how he is doing…

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