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The Bud Zone Podcast With Grady Edwin Adams

On this week’s episode of The Bud Zone Podcast , Bud gets “Grady-ed!” with a joyful conversation with Grady Edwin Adams.  Grady (a/k/a Ed) discusses his false conversion, his true conversion, and the providence and grace of the Lord throughout his life.  He also discusses his faithful ministry to truckers. Follow Grady Edwin Adams on…

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Lordship Salvation with Theocast’s Jon Moffitt

On this episode I had the honor to talk with Pastor Jon Moffitt from the podcast Theocast. We talk about him and his show, as well as the sometimes-controversial topic of Lordship salvation. Please take a listen and hear his explanation of this subject, and why we must look to Christ for our salvation and…

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Miller Time on The Bud Zone: The SBC, RvW, and A Bit of KSP

Rob Miller joins Bud for another installment of Miller Time on The Bud Zone.   During this episode the conversation focuses on matters surrounding the upcoming Southern Baptist Convention, the candidacies of Tom Ascol for SBC President and Voddie Baucham for Pastors Conference President.  Rob & Bud also discuss a bit of the recent Roe…

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Talking with Lee of Reformed Meditations

On this episode I was able to talk with Lee of Reformed Meditations about his podcast as well as life. We also get into a little bit about the Lord’s supper. May this be a blessing.  Please go check out his podcast as he is part of the BAR Network.

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Ep. 45. He Who Has Ears Let Him Hear. Professing Christians Embracing the Demonic.

Is it possible for those who profess the name of Christ to align their beliefs with those who literally worship the Prince of Darkness??

The answer is yes! Listen to today’s episode to make sure that you haven’t in any way been deceived by an angel o…

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