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Grace and Peace Radio Ep095 10ish Affirmations in Trials

How should we think about our trials? Anthony and Amy discuss ten affirmations in trials, while also realizing Anthony’s present trial is basic math. Andrew Rappaport’s “Trip of a Lifetime” is back on! Go to to learn more. Please consider supporting one of these ministry opportunities: through (to hear Anthony’s 2021 interview…

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Ep. 44. Building Bridges Between Christians and Jews.

If you have a heart for Israel and the Jewish people, you’re going to want to hear this wonderful and unique story about the mission of a man who is an orthodox Jew, who is working to foster relationships between Christians and Jews.

Join host Rebecca …

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Ep. 42. Responding to Naysayers.

The end times. They’ve been saying that we’ve been in the end times for years now. Why should today be any different?

Do you hear that exact same statement from some people when engaging in conversation about the unfolding of biblical prophecy that’s oc…

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Ep. 41. The Hope of Easter

Have a quick listen to today’s episode for a hearty dose of hope, encouragement, and celebration as Rebecca shares an inspiring reminder of the glorious sacrifice, borne of a Savior’s love for us, and the hope and power of His glorious and victorious re…

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Ep. 40. Has God Forgotten Me?

Do you feel like God has forgotten you? Why does it seem as though your prayers are bouncing off the ceiling?

If you find yourself wondering where God is in the midst of your trials, drop on by One Little Candle for today’s episode for a hearty dose …

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