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Eo. 39 Having a Heart for Israel. How You Can be a Light in the Darkness for God’s Covenant People.

Do you have a heart for Israel and her people? Perhaps, like me, you’ve never actually been to Israel but nonetheless, your heart is there with them just the same.

Are you seeking and praying for a way, an opportunity, to help the body of Christ in Is…

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Ep. 37 When the News Isn’t Good. The Challenge to be a Habakkuk

Many people are feeling immense anxiety and stress due to the ongoing crises which seem to be plaguing our world.
In today’s episode, you’ll be greatly encouraged and challenged by a man who lived in a chaotic and tumultuous time in the mid to late 7th …

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Grace and Peace Radio Ep094 The Practice of Godliness

Amy takes center stage, er, microphone and talks a little about what she’s learning as she and the ladies at church study through Jerry Bridges’ book, “The Practice of Godliness.” By the way, Amy was recently interviewed by Melissa Lex about feminism on her podcast, “Thoroughly Equipped.” Check it out here: As always, thank…

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Grace and Peace Radio Ep093 Jesus is STILL Building His Church!

Like 3,500 others, Anthony was at Shepherd’s Conference last week. He came away reminded that despite all the bad things going on in the world, Jesus is still building His Church! Amy discusses being interviewed by Melissa “Melba Toast” Lex on her podcast, “Thoroughly Equipped.” Check it out here: Anthony shares the latest review…

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Grace and Peace Radio Ep092 When Not to Ask Why

In this episode Anthony and Amy learn from the Israelites about the sin of quarreling with the Lord, asking Why?, and the folly of taking matters into our own hands. Also, Anthony shares the latest review received on Amazon for Jesus Changed Everything. As always, thank you for tuning in! Grace and Peace, Anthony &…

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