The Proverbial Truth: Day 27

Wow, I can’t believe it is day 27 of this wonderful challenge of reading through proverbs in one month. This book is a treasure chest filled with wonderful golden nuggets of wisdom. We need to take these nuggets and learn from them. If you would like to help support this ministry in sharing the gospel,…

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Ep. 67. ”The Normalization of Sexual Immorality. ” Part 2

How did we get here? The legalization of same sex marriage, rampant gender confusion, taking out children to drag shows?

Host, Rebecca Berschwinger, and guest co-host, Paige Cervantes, discuss the progression of sexual immorality and the dark…

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The Proverbial Truth: Day 26

Day 26th is upon us of reading a chapter a day from Proverbs. I know this has very informative for me. I have learned a lot. I pray you have learned a lot also. Keep reading and keep learning. ‌ We will be diving into chapter 26 If you would like to help support this…

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The Proverbial Truth: Day 25

Day 25 of reading the book of proverbs. Today we will be reading chapter 25 which is filled with more wise Proverbs from Solomon. ‌ Please keep reading through this book with me, and keep continuing to learn from this wonderful book filled with treasure. Keep digging, keep reading, and pray before you open your…

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The Proverbial Truth: Day 24

It is Tuesday the 24th of January, up here in the north country we were just delivered a ton of snow from old man winter. I am sure going to be glad when spring arrives. ‌ How is your journey in reading through the book of proverbs? I know it has challenged me. It has…

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