When do we say no? | Religious Liberty and COVID-19

16:18 Podcast – 2.5 When do we say no? | Religious Liberty and COVID-19 In this episode, I discuss how Christians should view religious liberty and COVID-19. When we should we comply and when should we say no? Part one: Religious Liberty I recently read about a Satanic Temple that started an after school club…

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16:18 Podcast – 2.3 LGBTQ+C? In this episode, I share a conversation I recently had about LGBTQ+-ism and Christianity. Where does humanistic and Biblical morality clash?

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Tornadoes, Weathermen and Christians

How can we link tornadoes, weathermen and Christians? On this episode of the podcast I’ll show you where they link and how they intersect. Join me on this episode of the Doctrine Matters Podcast #weather #severeweather #tornadoes #Christians #doctrinematters #theologymatters

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Jon Scurtu

16:18 Podcast – 1.20 Jon Scurtu Jon Scurtu holds an MDiv from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and is on staff at Logos Baptist Ministries as the English Ministries Coordinator. Today, I want to talk about theology, which, for some listeners, might be an immediate turn off. But I want to talk about it from a…

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Rising Above it All; Christians Living Amongst Depravity.

The world seems to have gone mad! How are we as Christians commanded to live amongst those who are incapable of reasoning themselves to the truth?

We were warned in God’s word that these days were coming and here we are! But thankfully, God has provid…

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