Church Planting

The Naval Academy, A Theological Journey, & A CREC Church Plant With Cole Billiot

Cole Billiot joins Bud to discuss his theological journey from the SBC to the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches during his time at the U.S. Naval Academy culminating in his zeal to see a new CREC Church planted in Jacksonville, FL. Cole may be found on Instagram: @cg_billiot The Jacksonville, FL church plant information may…

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“Postmil Destroyed My Church Plant” With Joshua Haymes

Joshua Haymes joins Bud to discuss the amazing and providential implications of his eschatological journey to postmillennial convictions.  His “X” post entitled “How Postmillennialism Destroyed  My Church Plant” has over 200,000 views and from it, Joshua discusses with Bud what he calls faulty “Kamikaze Christianity” and how eschatology directly impacts missiology. Joshua has also launched…

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The Bud Zone with Pastor Jimmy Gill of the CREC

Jimmy Gill, Pastor of Christ Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Live Oak, FL joins Bud for an encouraging conversation about many topics.  The discussion includes the Lord’s providence in his theological path, how becoming a father greatly furthered his pursuit of understanding his duties before God.  As pastor of a CREC Church (Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches),…

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