S2E22 – Introduction to Sphere Sovereignty

Today I posted my recording of a class I have been teaching at Hilltown Baptist Church titled God and Government. This week I provide an introduction into sphere sovereignty and look at the various responsibilities of each sphere. Individuals are ordained by God to exercise self-control and to govern their daily activities. Families are ordained…

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John 4 Living Water Without End

I was blessed with another opportunity to exhort God’s word at Calvary OPC in Ringoes, NJ this past Lord’s day. I exhorted from John 4, often called, “The Woman At The Well.” I hope this will bless you and encourage you to “Come, see a man!”

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Ep. 50 From Gay to Faith. The Amazing Testimony of a Woman Instantaneously Delivered From Homosexuality.

For 14 years, Anita Myles Dames, struggled with same-sex desires. As a result, over the years she searched for true clarity about her identity, “Was this the way God created me? Gay?” She would frequently ask herself.

Receiving rejection, condemnation,…

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Baptize Your Babies with Pastor Michael Bowman

On this episode I was able to talk with Pastor Michael Bowman, cohost of Restless: A Postmortem on the Young, Restless, and Reformed. I speak with him on a long debated topic of baptism. We both have come to the conclusion that not only should those who profess faith be baptized, but also their children….

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The Unfaithful Church

Today’s episode titled The Unfaithful Church. You are probably wondering, what I mean by the unfaithful church. As the bride of Christ we are not to be unfaithful to Jesus. Also, we should not conform with the world. I believe the church that we have today is being unfaithful to Jesus by conforming to this…

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