civil disobedience

S1E10 – Introduction to Lex Rex

On today’s episode I begin walking through the book Lex Rex, by Samuel Rutherford. Lex Rex simply means that the law is king. It is a book that very simply and logically looks at the nature and purpose of government. It also includes topics such as civil disobedience and resistance, ideas that led to Rutherford himself being arrested….

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Archived 2GAB Season 2, Episode 19 – A Casual Conversation on Coronavirus and Civil Disobedience

Today Dillon and I decided to have a more casual conversation on topics like COVID-19, the Church, and Civil Disobedience. Although we touched on a wide variety of subjects, our goal is to have this be just one of many similar conversations. And even though we both slightly differ on our views regarding the pandemic,…

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