Civil Government

Right Thinking – Equality Act and More

Rapp Report episode 161 Andrew and Bud address a bunch of different topics and articles in the news and provide a Christian perspective on these topics.   Get discounts on MyPillow products with the promo code SFE and call (800) 873-0176 or go to, click on the Radio Listeners square, and use promo code…

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Bonus: Secret Hearing Lands Pastor in Jail for Refusing to Stop Pastoring

Rapp Report episode 158 Bonus episode Pastor James Coates of GraceLife Church in Edmonton Canada was arrested and the court held a secret hearing. The court is keeping him in jail until he gives up being a pastor. His crime was having church services. This show will describe the events. You do not want to…

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S1E1 – Governed by God: Pilot Episode

Today is the release of the pilot episode for my new show, Governed by God. In this new podcast, I will be focusing primarily on the topics of civics and government from a Biblical perspective. On today’s episode I provide a brief overview of the four God-ordained governments and their relationship to one another. Additionally,…

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