Celebrating 100 Episodes!

My wife Chelsea returns to Truthspresso to celebrate 100 episodes of our podcast! We take a walk down memory lane and remember all the episodes we did to get to 100. Lots of topics and plenty of chuckles in this show! We share some behind-the-scenes aura for some episodes. We even talk about how we…

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Is Income the Litmus Test for Equality?

Continuing with parsing through the politics of income inequality, we shift from the myths and articles to get down to some simple questions. We consider these few basic thoughts: College shows why incomes differ. Different majors offer different skills that have different levels of supply and demand. People intend to go to college for a…

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Campus Preacher

Keith Darrell, also known as The Campus Preacher, is a missionary to American universities. He travels coast to coast, open-air preaching at schools across the country. In this episode of Romans Road, we get a glimpse into the life of this full time evangelist. Keith Darrell: For evangelism resources, videos and encouragement, visit Eddie…

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