VICTORY Over Colorado Abortion Pill Reversal Ban!

Chelsea and I cover what went on over the summer since we last covered Colorado’s evil ban on abortion pill reversals. Bella Health and Wellness, a comprehensive, life-affirming family healthcare clinic sued the state administration of Colorado to prevent them from enforcing the terms of SB23-190. This law went into effect in April and restricts…

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The Colorado House FLAUNTS Hypocrisy to Pass Radical Abortion Bills

Chelsea and I conclude our coverage of Colorado’s three radical pro-abortion bills: SB23-188, SB23-189, and SB23-190. Last week the Colorado House of Representatives debated and rammed through three radical dystopian pro-abortion bills along party lines with no amendments. In short, the supporters want abortion on-demand at any time in pregnancy for any reason, and abortion providers are a…

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The Bud Zone Podcast With Pastor Tedd Mathis

Faith and joy in chaotic times:  Pastor Tedd Mathis of Pueblo West Baptist Church, Pueblo West, CO joins Bud for an encouraging and joyful discussion about faith and faithfulness in these chaotic times. To follow Pastor Tedd on social media, please find him on Facebook and @teddmathis on Twitter. For more information on Pueblo West Baptist…

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