What is Salvation, What We Believe, Part 25

Rapp Report episode 236 Salvation is a general and specific term that many confuse. Are we saved by works or not? This is answered, and the confusion over this issue is explained. The issues of regeneration and sanctification are explained in detail. Andrew details the doctrine of super-intending which solves the problem that many see…

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#36 Church Leadership

The Stop and Think crew discuss church leadership in contrast to the world. What does it mean to be a servant leader, Plurality of Elders, women preachers, and more… Show Notes 0:00         Opening 1:15         Introduction 3:50         Testimony of Glenroy and Pastor Phil 18:20       Glenroy…

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Examining Childhood Conversion and Biblical Salvation with Justin Peters

Apologetics Live Episode 112 Join us as pastor Justin talks with Justin Peters about his book “Do Not Hinder Them.” “A startlingly high percentage of children who are raised in evangelical, Bible affirming churches and who make professions of personal faith in Jesus Christ at early ages show little to no evidence of genuine conversion…

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